Aha Naa Premanta Review Rating

Published on Jun 14 2013 // Movie Posters, slides

Aha Naa Premanta Movie Review And Ratings

Aha Naa Premanta

Cast: Siddanth

             Tejas, Anil Reddy

              Geetha Bhagath





              M.S. Narayana

             Krishna Bhagavan


Screenplay & Direction: Tirumalareddy Chandrasekhar Reddy

Producer: Tirumalareddy Eswari Innareddy

Music: Murali Leon

Dialougues: Sriram Choudary


            Krishna murali’s ‘ahaana premanta’  is one of those  films backed by quirky narration, that can`t be placed under one particular genre. The reason? The film shifts gears at regular intervals only to remind us that it doesn`t fit in to the genre we think it belongs to. Even though it leaves you guessing almost till the credits, what ahana premanta manages to achieve at the end is that it gives its viewers an moral worth their money.

During a time when most Telugu films are backed by their famed actors, ‘ahaana premanta’ succeeds merely due to its content.ahaana premanta is the story of four people (Sindu, siddu,santhosh,priya and sathya), who are failure with life and love

The film ahana premanta with three young  hero, heroines is released worldwide today. In this film siddu ,anil and teja as hero’s and  sindu ,geeta bagath and srisha acted as heroines. This film is directed by T.chandrashekar rao and created by athidi creations,and the music director is murali leones and we will see how the film will be….

Aravind and venky  a good friends. They were working in a cosmetic company. Sindu staying in women’s  hostel with her friends.  One day the cell recharge goes to wrong number with this and that number is aravind so with this incident aravind and sindu will be friends after that they fall in love each other.

Siddu loves sindu as a upcoming film director and she beliefs that. even a match comes to her for marriage, she told  to her father that she loves him and sure he will marry her. The match will goes to home. After that she will meet him in city.  A bad guy siddu forced her to enjoy with his producer but she rejects that and she goes away from him. This girl sindu meets a love failure guy santhosh. Santhosh loves a girl named priya ,but priya parents force her to marry a wealthy person and explains the features of money with this priya accept her parents request and she rejects him, after this santhosh and sindu will share their stories each other and with this understand they will become lovers.

 How it would be, What happened ? after that ,To know this  have to see this film……………

Rating: 2.5

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